Marketing Mix: Promotion


The Marketing Mix is a set of tools used to elicit a desired purchasing behavior from target customers. The classic definition of the Marketing Mix is comprised of the “4 P’s”: Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion. Maximizing profitability results from offering the right Product, at the right Place(s), at the right Price, with the right Promotion.

Our services can range from a single project, like a promotional flyer, to a targeted advertising campaign, to complete on-going marketing support for your company.

It is critical that you capture your customers’ attention and provide them with the information that will compel them to purchase. Creating the “right” message for your company and for your product and selecting the best methods to communicate that message to your target market are keys to inform and motivate.

Some of the issues we can investigate:

  • What message would best communicate your desired product or service position, given your target market?

  • At which stage of the life cycle is your particular product or service?

  • How should we utilize your company’s brand?

  • How should your message be tailored for different manners of distribution?

  • How should components of the media mix be configured to best communicate your marketing message?