Marketing Mix: Product


The Marketing Mix is a set of tools used to elicit a desired purchasing behavior from target customers. The classic definition of the Marketing Mix is comprised of the “4 P’s”: Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion. Maximizing profitability results from offering the right Product, at the right Place(s), at the right Price, with the right Promotion.

Our services can range from a single project, like a promotional flyer, to a targeted advertising campaign, to complete on-going marketing support for your company.

Once we identify your company’s particular core competencies, we can determine how to adjust your product or service offering.  Elements such as design, variety, quality, features, branding, packaging, and differentiation from competition can be managed to meet your company’s objectives.

We can investigate issues such as:

  • What does your market need or want from your products or services?

  • Are your products or services consistent with your company’s resources?

  • What features must your product or service have to meet your market’s needs?

  • How are your products or services differentiated from your competitors?

  • Are new products required to meet market expectations?

  • Do existing products need to be revised to meet market expectations?

  • How are your products or services branded?

  • Is your part number system simple to use, appropriate for the product or service offering, consistent with industry conventions?