Marketing Mix: Place


The Marketing Mix is a set of tools used to elicit a desired purchasing behavior from target customers. The classic definition of the Marketing Mix is comprised of the “4 P’s”: Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion. Maximizing profitability results from offering the right Product, at the right Place(s), at the right Price, with the right Promotion.

Our services can range from a single project, like a promotional flyer, to a targeted advertising campaign, to complete on-going marketing support for your company.

Where your products or services are offered can often determine how successful they are. They have to be accessible to your end user, and selecting the right distribution channels can be instrumental in achieving their accessibility.

We will be considering questions such as:

  • Where do consumers access and purchase your competitors’ products or services?

  • Where do consumers access and purchase your products or services, and could an alternative process work better?

  • Would expanding or contracting (focusing) your products’ or services’ distribution generate more sales or more profits?

  • Are there more efficient product shipping or service delivery methods available which would streamline distribution?

  • Do you need an internal sales force, or an external sales representative agency?